Luis Rosenkjer

A paraglider pilot since 1987, 3-times Argentine National Paragliding Champion, and twice sub-champion. Luis is the current distance record holder in Argentina with 157 miles (254 km). Has taken part in many World Cups and World Championships from Verbier 1999 onward, and obtained third place Serial Class in the 1999 Red Bull Wings Over Aspen competition.
Tandem pilot as well as an Advanced and SIV paragliding instructor in different flying areas of Argentina and Chile. 4-years President of the Federación Argentina de Vuelo Libre (Argentine Free Flight Federation) and 4-years more as full member of the Federation Committee. He has devised the License scheme for paragliding pilots granted by the AFFF and applicable since 1994 up to the present.
Since 1999, Luis regularly organizes flying trips for pilots, standing out those to France/2001 that included both Argentine and Chilean participants up to a number of 28. Has organized, as well, many trips to Iquique with groups of 10 to 20 pilots. Since 2000 he coordinates the PAMPACROSS, a flying-event in Argentina's grassy plains aimed at the practice of distance flight and attended by pilots from Argentina and other countries.
Has been and flied in most flying sites of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. Luis speaks Spanish, English, German, French, and Portuguese, and lives in Bariloche, Argentina.

Gonzalo de la Serna

Adventure-lover, strongly attached to mountainous life and environment. Paraglide pilot since 1999 as well as instructor of the Escuela AltaAventura (High Adventure School), has obtained his license from the Argentine Free Flight Federation. Practices mountain sports such as andinism and hiking. A genuine "gaucho", they say he was born on horseback.
Gonzalo has organized the Encuentro Nacional de Cuesta del Obispo (Cuesta del Obispo National Meeting) as well as many flying trips in Argentina and Bolivia, participating in many others. Pioneer in the exploration of new flying areas in La Paz and Cochabamba, Bolivia, has flied in most of the main sites of Argentina and northern Chile. As he has learned to fly in mountainous terrain, has "opened" new takes off in the Province of Salta.
32-years, manager of Internet enterprises . He founded the Club de Parapentes del Norte (North's Paragliders Club), that gathers all the pilots of the province

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